Our Genetics

A good friend of mine once said “If you want to produce an even line of bulls, you need to have an even line of cows” Maternal strength has been one of the key focuses of the Fig Tree Park Angus herd. Since inception, we have tried to breed females that are fertile, quiet, easy to handle and produce calves that perform on farm and in the feedlot. Our foundation herd was established through the purchase of females from outcross Angus genetics and cow families that have been influential within the Angus breed. Longevity is a key component of maternal strength and our females need to be structurally sound, calve unassisted and raise a calf each year to remain in the herd. Recently, through the increased use of AI and key sire purchases from Lawsons, Rennylea and Glenmorgan Angus, we have continuously strived to improve calving ease, lower birth weight and select animals with fertility, EMA and IMF using BREEDPLAN. Selection for visual muscling in combination with the EMA estimated breeding values has occurred in an attempt to increase yield in combination with eating quality to ensure Fig Tree Park Angus cattle perform within future value based payment systems.

Dam Lines


2020 AI Sires


  • W R Full House
  • Baldridge Beast Mode B074
  • Top Boss Leading Edge
  • S Powerpoint WS 5503
  • G A R Scalehouse
  • G A R Phoenix
  • Millah Murrah Paratrooper P15

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